New "Who's The Winner"

Saturday March 10 by Eric PearsonQuake 3 Arena
A new version of the Who's the Winner log analyzer for Q3A has been released as Pre-Final 2.0. New in this version is support for 8 more mods and and a slew of other features. Here's the list: Add: Mod support for: BFG10K, Eternal Arena, Pure CTF, Excessive, NIQ3, InstaGib, OSP. Add: Recognize as vanilla q3 logs: Akimbo, OhShit. Add: "Skip single games" option. Add: Support for "One Flag CTF" (Team Arena). Add: Shell commands with long name options. Add: More checking routine to prevent freeze caused by logs corrupted. Add: Weapon actions graph in "Specific Frags/Deaths" (Single Games). Mod: Layout on main page changed. Mod: High & Low scores from top 20 players global rank. Mod: A game played by players using same nicknames is automatically discarded. Mod: WTW installation is now ultraeasy under Windows.

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